Securing a Border with Opgal Thermal Cameras

Secure the Border with Thermal Cameras

November 29, 2016

Protecting the Integrity of a Country’s Borders

A country’s borders are a bulwark against illegal infiltration, criminal and terrorist activity. As such, sophisticated technology is deployed along perimeter fences and walls to guard against potential threats. Border security is of paramount importance to preserving the safety and security of a country’s citizens and visitors. The sheer size of a country’s borders makes it implausible to deploy human resources at every possible juncture. As such, it becomes necessary to utilize sophisticated technology to forewarn border police about potential threats. State-of-the-art detection systems such as the Sii OP thermal imaging cameras are able to easily detect human infiltrators miles away from border outposts. Once a target has been flagged and identified, the necessary information can be relayed to security personnel to prevent a breach of the border.

Operational Readiness 24/7 with Thermal Cameras

Homeland Security systems increasingly rely on thermal cameras to be alerted to potential threats. Boots on the ground may appear to be a formidable deterrent to illegal border entries, but the truth is that poor visibility is the weakest link for border patrol agents. That’s where high-end security systems come into play. Thermal cameras are able to ‘see’ heat sources and human forms several miles out. Once these shapes have been identified as infiltrators, necessary action can be taken. Surveillance systems using long-range dual-sensor technology such as the Accuracii XRU HD are suited to mid-range or a long-range tracking of the border. For long-range border security measures, the Accuracii XR offers 24/7 covert security and multiple highly advanced video channels. Simply put, these eyes on the ground can see through smog, fog, darkness, inclement weather, and the like. Human fatigue and loss of focus never come into play, since operational readiness is assured with these technologically-advanced thermal cameras.

How Effective Are Thermal Cameras for Border Security?

A country’s borders extend well beyond the physical terrain that perpetrators wish to traverse. Land, air and sea borders need to be taken into consideration when border security is discussed. Homeland Security is tasked with protecting all 3 borders – land borders, sea borders, and air borders. To be effective, it is vital that potential targets are identified well ahead of time and the necessary information is relayed to the border police or security agents. Task forces can be deployed to counter any threats. Border security is important for several reasons, notably drug-trafficking, human trafficking, criminal activity, cartels and syndicates, enemy combatants and terrorism. Thermal cameras are a surefire way to identify potential threats well ahead of time. These cameras provide significant lead time to border security agents so that they can effectively thwart illegal crossings.