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Border Surveillance – On the Move


2 mins


Naomi Munster

published published

October 24, 2019



Smugglers, illegal immigrants, and drug traffickers are an ongoing problem for a country’s border police force

Situated on one of the outer borders of the European Union, Hungary’s boundaries have become a high traffic zone, nestled right between Eastern and Western Europe. Illegal immigration, human trafficking, and smuggling across Hungary’s Serbian and Ukrainian borders fund criminal enterprises across Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. Searching for a reliable solution, Hungarian law enforcement turned to technology and thermal imaging.

OPGAL picked up the glove, providing a light, compact, and reliable solution.

The need for  a compact portable solution to provide long range 24-hour surveillance led the project integrator to OPGAL’s Accuracii family of multi-spectral PTZ camera systems. Paired with a radar, the Accuracii XR and XRU systems enable the use of a mobile surveillance & command center.

Easily installed on top of any vehicle using a specifically designed kit, the Accuracii Mini HD can be deployed any time, anywhere, with minimum setup time required. This allows for close monitoring of remote border areas, 24/7 surveillance under any weather, and comprehensive security coverage that allows you to move from one location to another as necessary.

With such an easily portable system, the border police can sweep entire regions for suspected criminal activity.  Once the radar detects an event, it directs the camera to investigate the coordinates, alerting the operator in case there’s a need to respond to real threat. This border surveillance system is more reliable because it combines the continuous radar with the abilities of an advanced thermal camera system.

Smart. Efficient. Reliable.

Accuracii dual channel camera systems are configurable with several options. These include advanced cooled continuous zoom thermal cameras with market leading thermal auto-focus, as well as a choice of short, mid, or extreme long-range day color camera options. Continuous zoom optics and high-resolution imagers are ideal for tracking with threat detection performance of more than 20km.

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