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The Hottest Gift on Santa’s Wish List for 2016



Opgal staff writers

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November 28, 2016



High-Res Night Vision Camera for Android-Powered Devices

The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to prep those holidays shopping lists. The word is back from the north pole and according to Santa, tech gifts are once again the most popular presents requested on his lists. One such brand-new tech product has caught on like wildfire – the Therm-App®. As its namesake suggests, this Android Thermal Camera for Android devices has multiple practical applications. Perhaps its most enticing quality is its price. Handheld thermal imaging devices have gained in popularity as more affordable options are made available to consumers. Small enough to fit snugly in the palm of your hand, these innovative gadgets are capable of capturing the most incredible images. Because these can be hooked up to your Android smartphone, it’s a breeze transferring and even streaming the images from one device to another.

This Is Not Just a Toy or a Gadget

Thermal cameras are gaining in popularity in the run up to Black Friday, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. We are now in the final quarter of the year and analysts are expecting a bumper shopping season in the US, Europe and the United Kingdom. The beauty of this high quality thermal camera is that it can be used for personal or professional purposes. For example, when you are on nature hikes, enjoying a wildlife safari, or simply interested in securing your perimeter – the thermal camera is definitely the way to go.

With the holidays coming up, many American and European tourists will be flocking to places like the Kruger National Park in South Africa for a safari. In fact, wherever your favorite wildlife haunt is, it’s a great idea to stay safe with the Therm-App Android thermal imager. Not only will the night vision features allow you to see potential hazards in the dark, you will also be able to identify waterfalls, ice, and heat sources, using the thermography features. The Therm-App has been dubbed the most practical, useful and indispensable tech device of the year for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, trackers and tourists.

Illuminate the Night

When you’re stumbling around in the dark, you could easily trip and hurt yourself. But with Therm-App attached to your Android smartphone or tablet, the night comes alive. Beyond adventures in the wilderness and the great outdoors, this imaging device is powerful and accurate enough to act as the ideal handheld security system for your property. Potential intruders, home invaders and common criminals are easily detected with this system even in pitch dark situations. It is also a great way to safeguard your family, especially if you have young kids running around after sundown. Flashlights are limited in their ability to illuminate an entire area – not the case with thermal cameras. As a search and rescue tool, it works as good as a bloodhound, and it is capable of locating your pets too.

Tech Specs of the Therm-App

When it’s time to conduct home inspections, the Therm-App® is a terrific device. It is arguably the single-best way to discover structural faults, unprotected electrical cables, gas leaks, heat emissions and insulation irregularities. With thermal cameras you can easily detect things like plumbing leaks and rectify them.

The high-resolution camera features 384 x 288 pixels. Plus, you can easily create your own App with the Open SDK. The live streaming feature allows you to share your video with anyone, anywhere. The vast range on the camera is impressive – 900 meters, and there are multiple interchangeable lenses.

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