The Convergence of Mobile Technology and Thermal Imaging

The Convergence of Mobile Technology and Thermal Imaging

April 15, 2016

Thermal imaging is increasingly used for everything from detecting leaks in equipment to diagnosing injuries and illness in veterinary medicine. Thermal imaging works by detecting infrared radiation (which all objects and people emit) and then using that information to create images. This cutting-edge technology is used in thermal imaging cameras which can produce crisp images in the dark. The improvement of visibility in a dark environment is irreplaceable on the battlefield and can also save lives when used on a construction site.

Mobile Thermal Imaging

Imagine if, instead of having a bulky camera that needs installation, you could hold this technology in the palm of your hand. Imagine how portability could extend the uses for thermal imaging and imagine the situations you could use it. Now go get your smartphone, so you can match up your imagination to the new reality.

Therm-App™ is the application that will transform your smartphone into a powerful thermal camera. Now you can have the high-resolution images and long-range night vision that was previously only available at a very high cost and to a very small segment of the population. Connected to your phone with a USB cable, the Therm-App device clips directly onto your smartphone. You can use this lightweight device on many different phones. Depending on your needs, you can also mount it on a tripod.

Complex Technology for Everyone

The great achievement of our era is taking complex technology, massaging it, and putting it into the hands of the people. It is not overreaching to say that this Android device is revolutionary by extending your vision into the dark of night. When Therm-App is installed, your smartphone will have a fully functional thermal camera with endless uses—in medicine, security, construction, firefighting and animal care, to name a few.  Therm-App also gives you the ability to record and share, by email or social networks, the thermal images and videos that you capture.

Our lives have been dramatically impacted by the use of smartphones in many ways, and this marriage of thermography and mobile technology is an innovative advancement that will change the lives of physicians, veterinarians, police officers, fire fighters, night guards, and construction workers. People in these professions are particularly vulnerable to “going in blind,” and portable thermal imaging opens up new horizons for them, allowing them to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Using Thermal Imagery

Apart from the professional uses already mentioned, there are countless other ways to use thermal imagery. For instance, nature explorers and outdoor enthusiasts will find that having visibility in the dark of night is an advantage in wildlife observation. Another important use of this mobile technology is in search and rescue missions. Whether the conditions include poor weather or thick vegetation, thermal imaging improves the chances of finding whatever or whoever is the object of the search. Use your imagination to think of ways to incorporate mobile thermal imaging into your everyday life.

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