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Thermal Applications in Law Enforcement


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Opgal staff writers

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May 01, 2016


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Law enforcement officers are often required to view or search for suspects who are in the dark, trying to avoid detection. A thermal imaging camera can provide immediate and critical information in these situations because thermal imaging cameras can be the law enforcement officers’ eyes in complete darkness. Designed to detect heat or infrared radiation, thermal imaging cameras provide clear images in many difficult environmental conditions.

The whole world watched in April 2013 as law enforcement officers used a thermal imaging camera to find one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. The suspect was inside a tarp-covered boat, and with the use of a thermal imaging camera, officers knew that a person was there and that he was alive.

Eyes in the Dark Assist Law Enforcement Personnel to Do Their Job

Thermal imaging cameras can also be used in maritime law enforcement. Surveillance in the dark and in bad weather conditions can be applied to harbor navigation, coastal security, and search and rescue operations.

Unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with thermal imaging cameras can be an asset in law enforcement. Without risking police personnel, a great deal of information can be gathered remotely.

Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras Give Law Enforcement Officers a Compact Solution

The latest and greatest innovation in thermal imaging applications for law enforcement operations, including surveillance, is the handheld thermal imaging camera. This kind of high-resolution camera can be used by law enforcement agencies for search and rescue operations, surveillance, border control, crime fighting, and protection of critical infrastructure including power plants and pipelines.

It is not unusual for police officers to do surveillance in small, dark spaces. They also often have to be on the move in pursuit of a suspect. This means that a light and compact portable handheld camera is invaluable to law enforcement personnel in these situations. Having a free hand can be vital, too, and a light camera that can be held in one hand accomplishes this. Using the thermal imaging camera lets law enforcement personnel act quickly because they have immediate and accurate information, information that can actually be lifesaving. Walking into a dark area knowing what is ahead is vastly different than walking into that same area with no knowledge.

The Sii HB Handheld Thermal Camera – the Favorite of Law Enforcement Departments

The handheld thermal imaging camera is now part of the arsenal of law enforcement tools used to keep people and places safer. Opgal’s Sii HB Handheld infrared camera is the ideal camera for crime fighting and other law enforcement tasks. It provides night vision capability and is capable of detecting a person from up to 700 meters and a vehicle from up to 1,600 meters. The camera can be taken anywhere even in rugged conditions. It will provide a superior image, has a long-lasting battery, and many features, such as LRF and DMC can be added, as needed.