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Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras for Law Enforcement and Security Applications

June 04, 2016

With thermal imaging it is possible to see that which was previously not detectable. Handheld thermal imaging cameras have many uses in a wide variety of industries. Two of the most popular and effective uses of this technology are in the areas of law enforcement and security. These areas require eyes that can see in the dark and at all times.

Law Enforcement Requires Eyes in the Dark

Law enforcement professionals are often in positions where they are required to view or search for suspects who are in the dark, trying to avoid detection. A thermal imaging camera can be invaluable in these situations because these special cameras can be the law enforcement officers’ eyes in the dark. The thermal imaging camera is designed to detect heat or infrared radiation so that images are clear in the dark.

Law Enforcement Officers Need a Compact Solution

Since officers are often doing surveillance in tight spaces and also need to be on the move, a compact and light portable handheld camera is perfect for these situations. These compact cameras can be easily stored and carried, and they also allow police personnel to have a free hand. Law enforcement officials need to be able to react quickly and immediately, and having accurate information helps them do so in a safe way. Contrast the difference in walking into a situation in total darkness, not knowing what will greet you, and having the ability to see what is in front of you in the pitch dark. This kind of knowledge can save lives and result in successful police missions.

Thermal Imaging Technology Is Superior in Total Darkness

Night vision goggles have been standard military tools, but the problem is that these goggles need some light to work well. Thermal imaging technology renders light unnecessary because it works on heat not light. So if a suspect is hiding behind thick bushes in the dark of night, the thermal imaging camera will pick up on his presence and produce clear image. Whenever there is a low-vision situation, such as in bad weather or in thick foliage, these cameras can be the eyes of the law enforcement personnel. They are especially useful for walking patrols who can turn the camera in any direction as they walk. The handheld thermal imaging camera has definitely moved into the arena of powerful crime fighting tools.

Security Uses for Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras

Security uses are similar in some ways to law enforcement uses. For instance, monitoring the perimeter of a property by a walking security guard will be safer and more effective using a handheld thermal imaging camera. Having the ability to “see” in the dark will make it easier to spot security breaches. Beyond just seeing, the handheld thermal imaging cameras detect the distance of the object, and allows recording and sharing of the images.

The handheld thermal imaging camera is now an integral part of the arsenal of tools used for security and for law enforcement—anywhere that requires knowledge of what is happening in partial or total darkness.

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