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Handheld Thermal Binoculars and Their Application In Modern Warfare


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Opgal staff writers

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December 07, 2016


Handheld / Mobile

Effective Fighting of Unseen Fighters in Guerrilla Warfare with Thermal Binoculars

Nowadays, armies are less likely to encounter other armies in battle. Instead, what we have is asymmetric warfare where we are fighting enemies that are hidden within dense urban population centers. These guerrilla warfare tactics make for a difficult military situation. While modern day armies are held to international standards in terms of the Geneva Convention and rules of engagement, guerrilla fighters are held to no such standard. However, there are effective means to engage and locate enemy forces by using thermal binoculars. The biggest obstacle in urban combat is that enemy fighters blend in with the population. If they can be identified, they can be targeted and destroyed.

High-End Thermal Imaging Technology to Identify Guerrilla Fighters

The Sii HB handheld thermal binoculars utilise an uncooled core and a 17 µm pitch with a thermal system. The night vision capabilities of this type of gear are unparalleled. It is ideal for military forces to be able to conduct search and rescue operations, surveil the perimeter and ensure border security. The high resolution nighttime capabilities of these thermal binoculars allow military forces to detect human targets up to 2 km away, and vehicles can be detected up to 4 km away. The sharpness of the images with this type of technology is the reason for its superb performance. Plus it is lightweight at just 1.4 kg.

What Features Are Required in Thermal Imaging Cameras for Guerrilla Warfare Applications?

Lightweight, robust and high-tech elements are a must. This thermal camera offers 9 hours of continuous operation. With such versatility, the Sii HB is a must-have tech device for civil and security operations. It uses rechargeable batteries and has both an external video output and an external power input. The thermal sensor has a frame rate of 60 Hz and the video output is PAL/NTSC. The unit can store up to 200 images with up to 32 GB of video recording.

All of these tech specs attest to the versatility and durability of this thermal imaging camera. The peripatetic nature of guerrilla fighters makes them difficult to pinpoint and identify. However, with the use of high-end technology it is possible to target them precisely by day or night in all types of weather conditions. As soon as there are eyes on the target, the target can then be targeted.