Thermal camera hacks for DIY and home improvement

9 handy thermal camera hacks for DIY and home improvement

January 22, 2017

Below are 9 handy thermal camera uses for DIY home improvement projects. These time and money saving tips and tricks will give you peace of mind, providing you with behind-the-scenes intel before you ever lift a hammer (or a sledgehammer).

  1. Locating electrical work and pipes in the walls. Before you start any project, do a sweep with your thermal camera so that you don’t damage important infrastructure.
  2. Find termite and wasp nests, bee hives, and other insect infestations. These little critters can wreak havoc on your home, but with regular checks with a handheld thermal camera, you can catch them before it becomes a much costlier problem.
  3. Locate rodents and other animals that may be trapped or living in the walls/ceilings. Ever have a raccoon trapped in your attic? How about squirrels in the walls? Mouse or rat problems? With a heat seeking thermal camera, you can find their exact location, without tearing up half the house.
  4. Identify hot pipes before starting plumbing work. Maybe you forgot to shut off or disconnect the hot water? Save yourself from a scalding by sweeping the area first with your handy heat detection camera.
  5. Discover leaks, water damage, and their sources. Whether from the roof, pipes, or central air and heating systems (HVAC), handheld thermal cameras can take the guesswork out of finding water damage in walls, ceilings, floors, or masonry, and more importantly, its source.
  6. Ascertain points of air intrusion (too much cold air coming in). Winter air intrusion can be a real drag. From fireplaces to range hoods, doors, ceilings, and windows, use your thermal camera to find and seal up these hidden drafty areas.
  7. Reveal electrical hot spots behind the walls. Hot spots behind the walls in electrical work can be dangerous, as the underlying causes can sometimes lead to fires. This is especially important to check for regularly in older homes.
  8. Find hot pipes behind the walls. Overheating pipes can be an indication that the heating system is malfunctioning, and where the problem lies.
  9. Missing insulation in walls or ceilings (too much heat escaping the house). Think that your high energy bills might be because the contractor cut some corners and shorted you on insulation? Afraid to ruin the walls looking for the culprit? With a simple pass of your thermal camera, you can find the exact areas that are missing insulation, and fix it with a simple cut and fill procedure.

Now that you have these handy DIY thermal camera hacks for home improvements, plan out your attack carefully. Be sure to disconnect all utilities before you begin your project, and use the camera in the area/s you want to work on to make sure there are no anomalies in your workspace. For more helpful information about our Therm-App TH for Thermography, click the link.

What are some helpful hacks you have discovered with your handheld thermal camera? Maybe you have some questions about whether a Therm-App® is right for you? Email us here, we would love to hear from you!

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