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Introducing EyeCGas 2.0: Revolutionizing Gas Leak Detection with Virtual Method 21

Customers encounter challenges: simplifying LDAR Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry.
LDAR teams and technicians in the Oil and Gas Industry face significant challenges when utilizing Method 21. Despite the importance of monitoring and compliance for efficient LDAR operations, the actual execution of these tasks is far from effortless.

Burdened by Cumbersome Equipment: streamlining on-site surveys carrying out Method 21 involves a series of steps, including leak identification, localization using a Toxic Vapor Analyzer (TVA), and leak quantification. Each of these tasks demands technicians to constantly shuttle back and forth with heavy and unwieldy equipment. Our customers have expressed their frustration as the accumulation of equipment throughout the day becomes increasingly burdensome. Even when their trucks are nearby, essential equipment is often left behind during survey missions. The laborious task of lugging heavy equipment around becomes time-consuming and exasperating.

An Efficient Solution: EyeCGas 2.0 Gas Leak Detection Camera
Thankfully, there exists a solution that efficiently tackles these challenges. Gas leak detection cameras, particularly Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras, equipped with innovative features, can serve as the ideal tool to address these issues. Imagine having a gas leak detection camera that not only detects and locates leaks but also quantifies them, all while generating a comprehensive report. The camera provides measurements in terms of parts per million (PPM), PPM-M, or grams per hour (gr/hr.) and even facilitates a virtual Method 21 within its interface. Such a solution would offer remarkable benefits.

In response to customer feedback and a deep understanding of the associated challenges, Opgal presents EyeCGas 2.0, featuring the ground-breaking “Virtual Method 21.” This innovative feature is seamlessly integrated into the camera’s interface, allowing for effortless manipulation with the press of a button. By incorporating mass flow and concentration measurement capabilities, this approach effectively eliminates the need to carry cumbersome equipment boxes. With minimized logistical tasks during surveys, technicians can significantly improve their efficiency. Moreover, by reducing frustration levels, technicians are more likely to perform at their best. This customer-oriented solution ensures optimum performance and utmost satisfaction, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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