Opgal leading the way in QOGI software during GERG Methane emission study

Opgal leading the way in QOGI software during GERG Methane emission study_01

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GERG, the European Gas Research Group, conducted a study recently focused on site level emission technologies. This was one a series of studies, with the aim of setting guidelines for the EU midstream sector.

10 technologies were tested, divided into 2 groups. Top down (site level) and Bottom up (component level) technologies.

Out of the bottom up quantification technologies (including bagging), Opgal’s EyeCSite QOGI performed the best. Also, out of the 3 OGI technologies which participated in these tests, Opgal’s EyeCGas 2.0 and EyeCSite QOGI provided the closest emission rate results to the actual blind control emission rates released.

Out of all 10 technologies which participated in these tests, including, airborne (helicopter) and ground based LIDAR, Opgal’s EyeCgas and EyeCSite QOGI was ranked 4th overall all. This is very impressive, Considering all 3 quantification methods ranked higher than the EyeCSite QOGI software, are methods at a much larger financial or operational scales.



In the graph above, OGI 1 is a summary of Opgal’s QOGI results. Out of all the graphs on the bottom which include all bottom up and OGI technologies, Opgal’s EyeCSite  QOGI software has the most consistent results (larger R2), and the larger number of recovered emission rate determinations (14 out of 17 total tests). In addition, the slope of the linear regression, for Opgal’s emission rate compared to actual releases, is the closest to the red line, which demonstrates the accuracy of Opgal’s QOGI determinations.



You can review the complete study here:


Link to the GERG website publication page here:


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