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Drone Detection / Counter-UAS

Anti-Drone and Counter UAS Systems

Drone detection systems can locate a UAV within several miles using a high-tech radar and laser rangefinder; a thermal camera then locks on the target for visual confirmation and tracking. A dual-channel thermal imaging and visible surveillance camera with a highly sensitive infrared detector, such as Opgal’s Accuracii XR thermal imaging system, can operate day and night and spot a drone from miles away. Pivoting on a 360° pan-tilt mechanism and equipped onboard analytics, the system performs Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) for Drone/Not a Drone identification. Since a single camera can only track a single target, it is up to an AI software or a human operator to deem which target is the riskiest. When the object has been selected the camera can then be sent to slew and cue for visual confirmation and identification.

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