Thermal Cameras for Android

More than a handheld thermal camera, Therm-app® is an extremely versatile piece of hardware. From drones to weapon sights to driving night vision assistance, Therm-App® is a high performance handheld thermal imaging device with application possibilities that are still being discovered. These innovative devices can be used by professionals for security, safety, healthcare, veterinary care, construction, maintenance, wildlife observation, and many other applications.Whether for work, play, or use around the house, Opgal’s line of Therm-App® thermal cameras let you experience and capture the world in a way that was never before possible. With cutting edge technology now available at your fingertips, you can conduct aerial surveys, easily reveal hidden wildlife, and find leaks, mold, and cold/hot spots around the house, all with your android device.

Opgal Therm App HZ Device


Therm-App improves effectiveness in the field, providing clear images in total darkness – delivering mission critical information which can save lives. The compact and lightweight camera with interchangeable lenses enables users to record and immediately share high-quality thermal images and videos. Connecting to most Android phones, it offers superb image quality and low power consumption.

Opgal Therm App HZ Device

Therm-App® HZ

Connecting to most Android phones, the compact and lightweight Therm-App®Hz thermal camera has the highest frame rate of a handheld thermal imager on the market today, making it excellent for a variety of high speed applications. It comes with a collection of interchangeable lenses that offer superb image quality for a wide range of uses, and enables users to stream, record, and immediately share high-quality thermal images and videos on the go.

Opgal Therm App TH Android Thermal Device

Therm-App® TH

The innovative Therm-App® TH transforms your Android device into a professional, highly capable, and constantly evolving thermal imaging phone.

Opgal’s innovative line of thermal cameras for Android phones are extremely versatile. Designed to suit a huge range of applications, these high performance thermal imaging cameras are lightweight, connecting easily to your Android devices. This turns your device into an Android thermal camera, suitable for a variety of needs, be it for personal, professional, or security applications.