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Mobile PTZ Thermal Surveillance Solution: Accuracii Mini HD


3 mins


Naama Munster

published published

June 16, 2021


Application StoryHLS

There are 82 villages are situated on the Northern Israeli border. Sitting very close to this highly volatile border, these small communities are constantly threatened by hostile intrusions. Terrorists crossing the border threaten local residents, shooting at cars, and even entering homes.

Such tragedies have happened before, and they can happen again if these towns aren’t vigilant enough.

Israel’s National Counter Terrorism Unit (“Yamam” or SWAT team) and Civil Guard work in conjunction with the police and military to protect their homes and are often the first responders on the scene.

Opgal’s main offices are also located in the Galilee. We feel a profound moral responsibility and duty towards our neighboring towns. A lot of thought and work was put into creating the Accuracii Mini HD Mobile Surveillance system. We wanted to make it as robust and as simple as possible so that anyone on the local Civil Guard can deploy the unit in minimum response time to defend their home and aid the military and “Yamam” to neutralize the threat before it enters a civilian population area.

The villages are all fortified with well-lit roads. Since the army cannot be anywhere at once, it’s the Civil Guard’s responsibility to patrol the area. It’s a densely forested region, with ample vegetation and massive rock formations, all of which render standard observation systems worthless. Enemies can easily hide in the bushes. The region’s fickle weather also makes for poor visibility at times, whether rain, fog, or snow. Thereby, thermal imaging cameras are the ideal solution.


A mobile PTZ thermal system allows the town’s security team to cover much ground without deploying many cameras along the perimeter, thus cutting costs. Also, the location of fixed cameras may be known by intruders, who may find a way to avoid them. A mobile solution that can be deployed anywhere and at any time will make it difficult to avoid detection. Once a potential threat is identified in the sector by various intelligence methods, the town can go on alert and send out a patrol to a specific location, no matter how remote. Combined with other – undisclosed – tactics – the surveillance units aid military forces to corner the enemy at a specific location and capture the intruders before they can do any harm.

Dozens of Accuracii Mini HD Mobile Surveillance units are already operating on the Northern Israeli border, helping secure the many towns scattered across the upper Galilee region. With minimal instruction, local security details could use the Accuracii Mini Mobile Surveillance System during the latest conflict, aiding military forces to monitor high-risk areas and protecting villages against possible hostile intruders from across the border.

Opgal’s teams were in constant communication with the local civil security forces, as they had just received this new technology a week prior. Available 24/7, our team of experienced thermal imaging experts helped with any issue or question that arose during the operation. Overall, the deployed units proved their worth; out of the assembly line and into the fire. The Accuracii Mini HD has graduated with honors.

To learn more about this amazing field-proven solution, contact us today.