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Opgal Wins Thermal Systems for Border Security Projects

May 11, 2015 Time to read:

Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. ,a leading global provider of innovative infrared imaging systems and advanced vision and surveillance solutions, has notched up several significant orders of Vumii’s Accuracii XRU uncooled multi-sensor camera systems in recent months, most of them in the realm of border security. “Border surveillance systems must be able to detect threats long […]

Bears, Borders and Integrated Security Solutions

Bears, Borders and Integrated Security Solutions

May 28, 2017 Time to read: 16mins

Did you hear the one about the bear that nearly caused a nuclear catastrophe? It was in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis. A guard at Volk US Air Force Base – home to a number of armed nuclear bombers – spotted a shadowy figure apparently attempting to scale the fence. The supposed Soviet […]

Thermal Imaging in Coastal Surveillance and Maritime Security

December 08, 2020 Time to read: 16mins

See More at Sea Radars are prevalent at sea, but they have limitations since they merely provide a blip on the screen when detecting something. However, thermal imaging gives a real and more easily identifiable image, helping to determine whether a particular object poses a threat or not. Naval vessels also use navigation lights to […]

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Border Surveillance – On the Move

October 24, 2019 Time to read: 16mins

Smugglers, illegal immigrants, and drug traffickers are an ongoing problem for a country’s border police force Situated on one of the outer borders of the European Union, Hungary’s boundaries have become a high traffic zone, nestled right between Eastern and Western Europe. Illegal immigration, human trafficking, and smuggling across Hungary’s Serbian and Ukrainian borders fund […]

Thermal Cameras Provide An Edge In Railway Safety And Security

Thermal Cameras Provide an Edge in Railway Safety and Security

June 28, 2017 Time to read:

Railway Collisions are Still a Major Problem Worldwide In 2016 alone, there were over 70 fatal railway crashes worldwide. The causes can be natural or intentional, and can range from derailings, to head on collisions with other trains, to railway crossing collisions. In addition to those killed each year in these crashes, many more people […]

Securing a Border with Opgal Thermal Cameras

Secure the Border with Thermal Cameras

November 29, 2016 Time to read:

Protecting the Integrity of a Country’s Borders A country’s borders are a bulwark against illegal infiltration, criminal and terrorist activity. As such, sophisticated technology is deployed along perimeter fences and walls to guard against potential threats. Border security is of paramount importance to preserving the safety and security of a country’s citizens and visitors. The […]

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