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Thermal Cameras and Airports: The Ultimate Security Buffer

Thermal Cameras and Airports: The Ultimate Security Buffer

November 13, 2016 Time to read:

Thermal Security Cameras Dramatically Bolster Airport Security Regional, national and international airports are prized targets for criminal and subversive elements. Securing the perimeters of airports is a #1 priority for local, state and federal agencies. The importance of providing around-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of airport perimeters has been highlighted in the heinous acts that have […]

Thermal Imaging in Coastal Surveillance and Maritime Security

December 08, 2020 Time to read: 16mins

See More at Sea Radars are prevalent at sea, but they have limitations since they merely provide a blip on the screen when detecting something. However, thermal imaging gives a real and more easily identifiable image, helping to determine whether a particular object poses a threat or not. Naval vessels also use navigation lights to […]

Thermal Imaging and The Importance of Counter Drone Systems

December 02, 2020 Time to read: 16mins

The drone industry is booming with an estimated value of 22.5 billion USD in 2020 and potentially double by 2025[i]. Along with the growing number of drones comes the increased potential for their disruptive mishandling. Therefore, the importance of counter-drone systems and drone detection solutions, such as thermal imaging, is also on the rise. The […]

Layout desing - a real project


February 11, 2018 Time to read:

With the advancements in technology come newer and more complex threats, which means having a reliable surveillance system in place is crucial for maximum protection. But selecting the most up-to-date thermal products is only a part of the puzzle and developing a successful layout design is as important when implementing an effective security plan. To […]

Pairing Thermal Cameras and Radar for Perimeter Security

January 10, 2018 Time to read:

We can all agree that, when it comes to video surveillance, thermal systems have a higher advantage to regular CCTV in that they provide almost uninterrupted 24/7 surveillance. And if the thermal imager is sensitive enough, it can also deliver crisp clear images in severe weather conditions. While cooled systems are still preferred for extreme […]

Thermal Cameras Provide An Edge In Railway Safety And Security

Thermal Cameras Provide an Edge in Railway Safety and Security

June 28, 2017 Time to read:

Railway Collisions are Still a Major Problem Worldwide In 2016 alone, there were over 70 fatal railway crashes worldwide. The causes can be natural or intentional, and can range from derailings, to head on collisions with other trains, to railway crossing collisions. In addition to those killed each year in these crashes, many more people […]

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