Opgal Is Unveiling The Thermal Security System Of The Future At IFSEC 2016

June 13, 2016

KARMIEL, Israel – June 13, 2016 – The future of thermal security cameras became reality as Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd, a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging systems, announced that they will be unveiling their new Sii™ OP thermal security camera later this month. Based on Linux OS, the Sii OP is defined as the first thermal camera with a truly open embedded software platform, boasting an incredibly easy installation and a dedicated Software Development Kit (SDK) for seamless third party integration.

Security cameras have come a long way in recent years. Once the realm of traditional CCTV systems, more security projects these days are built around thermal technology due to the 24/7, all weather detection capabilities of these devices. The need for better target detection has created a demand for thermal cameras that will be able to integrate with analytics software that facilitates easier target acquisition.

“With our growing line of Vumii® thermal imaging systems, we are always seeking ways to reinvent thermal imaging, and introducing new technologies into the market.” stated Amit Mattatia, CEO of Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. “The Sii OP introduces new standards to the security industry by offering a cost effective option and truly open platform to system integrators and software developers alike. This is yet further proof of our ability to harness our vast experience to create game-changing products”.

Equipped with both thermal and HD visible-light channels for day and night surveillance, Sii OP meets global ONVIF standards to ensure interoperability of hardware and software products for easy integration to both existing and new infrastructures, regardless of manufacturer.

Sii OP will be available from Opgal via a growing network of solution providers and distributors in all major countries, and will be offered with pre-integration to some of the leading VMS and analytics providers in the market. Opgal will unveil the Sii OP at the IFSEC exhibition to be held June 21-23, 2016 at the ExCeL London, UK convention center.



Opgal Announces NDTherm™: Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Based on Thermal Imaging

February 22, 2016

NDTherm™ Enables Fast and Easy Parts Inspection and Identification of Internal Defects.

Following several years of research and development, and after successfully testing a large number of parts and building a global distribution network, Opgal is officially announcing general availability of NDTherm™ – its Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solution based on thermal imaging. Using active thermography and unique algorithms, NDTherm™ enables fast, safe, contact-free, cost effective, easy to use, real-time inspection of parts. It detects deep flaws in various composite materials and structures such as CFRP, sandwich structures, hybrids and porous materials. NDTherm™ can be applied on small or large surfaces, including cases where access is only possible from one side of the structure.

“NDTherm™ is yet another proof of Opgal’s ability to apply its state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology and proprietary image processing algorithms in a new domain, this time in a purely industrial application,” said Amit Mattatia, President & CEO of Opgal. “NDTherm™ provides manufacturers of composite parts for aerospace and many other industries with a clear advantage over traditional, incumbent NDT methods.”

Opgal will showcase its newest, field proven version of NDTherm™ at the upcoming JEC World 2016 exhibition in Paris, France, on 8-10 March.

Available in three form factors – portable, fixed and automated – Opgal NDTherm™ is capable of inspecting materials at various stages of the manufacturing process:

The portable system, NDTherm™ NT is positioned for in-service applications and enables regular maintenance and efficient damage assessment. Suitable for a one-man operation, this compact system allows easy transportation and quick deployment in the field. Designed for production lines or testing environments, NDTherm™ FX offers enhanced image output to enable intuitive and accurate assessments, as well as built-in reporting capabilities. NDTherm™ AU is a customized system with a variety of testing capabilities for automatically inspecting large parts and complex shapes.

NDTherm™ is available from Opgal via a growing network of solution providers and distributors in all major countries.

Vumii Integrates Fire Detection into Firefighting Logistics System

January 20, 2016

Vumii has announced the integration of its Sii AT Fire Detection Camera into the Locus TransFire System in Norway. The integration of the thermal cameras enables a live thermal video feed, sending real time alerts with coordinates directly to the TransFire system to enable prevention and fast response to fires.

With the Sii AT’s Fire Risk Detection capabilities, a virtually unlimited amount of fire and heat sources can be detected, while avoiding false alarms from hot spots at the scene. Fire, or even an increase in heat occurring before fire actually starts, can be detected as far as 6 kilometers away. Visual alarms are displayed on the operator’s screen, while simultaneously sending alert signals for both fire and risk of fire over a wide area network, enabling emergency services to respond in a timely fashion.

Sii AT is part of Vumii’s broad line of thermal cameras and camera systems, allowing fast detection and reaction to a large amount of security threats and safety issues.

The TransFire system, developed by Locus Public Safety AS, a key supplier of logistics solutions to emergency services, is used by a large percentage of emergency call centers in Norway. Using detailed maps, the system helps with decision making and improves resource management, providing full integration of all fire-related systems to provide a complete firefighting logistics system. The Vumii Sii AT fire detection camera has been fully integrated into Locus’ TransFire system. Once the camera triggers an alarm, the information is fed into the fire command center and a fire truck is dispatched. The data is automatically plotted onto a map and displayed real time on a screen in the fire truck, ensuring that the team has the exact location and all necessary information before arrival at the scene.

The fire detection capabilities provided by Vumii are slated for use in a number of towns and facilities at risk of fire throughout Norway and further afield.