Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

Optical gas imaging (OGI) is an innovative thermal imaging technology that utilizes high sensitivity infrared cameras for detecting very small fugitive emissions of industrial gases. OGI cameras enable the quick and safe detection and visualization of fugitive emissions leaks, allowing you to quickly detect and repair leaks, prevent major damage, and avoid fines. These cameras have been used globally for the past decade, and are now recognized by regulators as the best system for emissions reduction.

EyeCGas®, Opgal’s line of innovative OGI cameras, was specifically designed for detecting gas leaks in the harsh conditions of the oil & gas industry. It is the only OGI camera that is certified for ATEX zone 2 and UL class I Div II, hazardous environments. EyeCGas, Opgal’s line of OGI cameras, offers solutions for various types of gases, in both handheld and stationary product configurations.


EyeCGas is a handheld OGI camera for the detection of fugitive gas emissions for over 30 hydrocarbon and VOC gases, including Methane, Benzene, and Hexane. EyeCGas complies with the EPA’s “Quad Oa” (OOOOa) regulations and is used globally across the industry for LDAR compliance.

EyeCGas CO2

EyeCGas COis a handheld OGI camera for CO2 gas leak detection. With the EyeCGas CO2 camera, you can safely and remotely detect and locate very small concentrations of carbon dioxide emissions either when used as a tracer gas for finding leaks, for monitoring various industrial processes, or for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations.

EyeCGas FX

EyeCGas FX is a family of solutions for automated continuous gas leak detection. EyeCGas FX cameras are designed to operate 24/7 in oil & gas hazardous locations. They are configured for continuous monitoring for hydrocarbon and VOC gas leaks, and to automatically report leaks to the control room through a dedicated software system.