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Thermal Imaging Security Cameras and Multi-Camera Systems

Thermal Imaging Security Cameras and Multi-Camera Systems

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Thermal Cameras Multi-Camera Systems Illuminated Systems

Leveraging nearly 30 years of developing and implementing security solutions and adhering to stringent requirements, Opgal developed the technology powering a complete line of Vumii products specifically targeted to the varied needs of the extensive security market. The Vumii high-quality, field-proven security product family brings to market innovation, technical sophistication of camera components, and market leadership. Ideal for 24/7 wide area threat detection, recognition, and identification tasks, the Vumii portfolio presents one of the most versatile array of thermal imaging security camera solutions on the market. 

Vumii thermal imaging security camera systems consist of handheld, fixed and PTZ thermal camera systems, multi-sensor PTZ camera systems and near-IR illuminating PTZ camera systems.

Baltimore Police Dept Case Study

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