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Security Applications

Personal security, safe city, homeland security, corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, airport, seaport – these are areas where security and safety concerns are growing rapidly. Threats emerge due to intensifying global terrorism but also because of the unstable global financial situation, increasing immigration, people movement between countries, and general personal unease.

Securing a site or city requires the ability to distinguish between friend and foe. Video surveillance is an obvious answer. However, it is limited to day light operation only. The advent of thermal imaging cameras brought about a whole new set of capabilities to video surveillance. Security forces can now observe and investigate any situation during day and night and even in harsh visibility conditions like rain and fog. For security alert systems based on analytics and other detection technologies, thermal imaging brings a much clearer picture with improved ability to identify suspicious movements in the scene.

Infrared thermal imaging cameras, as passive cameras, absorb energy from the environment to create a clear picture of the scene. Since they are based on well defined physics and optical theory, each scenario (defined by threat distance, field of view, etc.) may require a different camera. Opgal, through the Vumii product lines, provides one of the broadest thermal imaging camera lines offering 24/7 surveillance for multiple applications. Moreover, we offer near IR illumination solutions capable of full identification and complete darkness. Opgal is committed to maintaining both a technology edge and market leadership in the security business.

Governmental Critical Infrastructure Transportation
  • Country Borders
  • Military Bases
  • Physical Assets
  • Law Enforcement
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Water Utilities
  • Nuclear Power
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Waterways (Port, Coast, Harbor)
  • Airports
  • Railroads
  • Roads and Highways

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