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Opgal Launches Therm-App™, the World's First Android Thermal Imaging Camera

Therm-App™ transforms Android devices into powerful night vision and thermography cameras

Karmiel, Israel | March 24, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries, a leading global provider of thermal imaging solutions, has announced the launch of Therm-App™. Therm-App™ turns smartphones into powerful thermal cameras, featuring high-resolution thermography and long range, enhanced night vision capabilities for Android mobile devices.

Opgal Appoints Gastron as Distributor for the EyeCGas™Optical Gas Camera in Korea

Opgal's rugged handheld camera uses thermal imaging technology to quickly and effectively detect gas leaks and fugitive emissions

Karmiel, Israel | March 20, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries, a leading provider of innovative infrared imaging systems has appointed Gastron Co. Ltd., a safety equipment manufacturer specializing in gas detection systems, as its Korean distributor. "We are pleased that Gastron, with its in-depth knowledge of issues relating to gas detection, will be representing us in Korea," said Omer Yanai, VP Emerging Technologies & Business Development. "Gastron, together with Opgal, will be showing our innovative EyeCGas™ camera at Gastech 2012, taking place in Korea, from March 24-27."

Opgal Showcases Advanced Thermal Cameras at Security Forum in Athens

The latest security technologies, crime prevention, and counterterrorism were the focus of the Security Project Athens forum held in Greece at the end of January. The two-day forum, attended by leading specialists in security technology, provided Opgal with the opportunity of demonstrating the company's innovative thermal imaging technologies. 

Opgal’s revolutionary cooled technology and superior long-range observation demonstrated with the EyeLite thermal imager

For more than 30 years, a wide range of defense solution providers have come to rely on Opgal’s market-leading thermal imaging processing capabilities for mission success. Our innovative cooled technology offers extremely high performance even at long ranges, representing a significant advantage for defense applications. This technology has shaped the advanced capabilities of our premier cooled thermal imager ‒ EyeLite, a powerful, continuous zoom thermal imaging camera.

Opgal Achieves Major Sales Milestone: 40,000 Thermal Image Cores Sold and Counting

We are excited to announce that Opgal has reached a major sales milestone, with more than 40,000 thermal image cores sold. As a leading global provider of innovative thermal imaging and near infrared illumination solutions, our extensive product portfolio includes a wide range of technology cores and solutions for civilian and military applications.

Arbel™ HS – Opgal’s latest long range thermal weapon sight to be unveiled at DSEI 2013

We are excited to introduce Arbel™ HS, our latest long range thermal sight for weapon stations at DSEI 2013 in London later this month. The Arbel™ HS offers a significant boost in range and image performance over the existing members of the Arbel™ family while retaining the field proven features and image quality that have made the Arbel™ the thermal sight of choice for more than 2600 installations worldwide.

Opgal will reveal its latest EO sight system for leading defense system integrators, the Hurricane, at DSEI 2013

We are proud to reveal our latest EO sight system for leading defense system integrators, the Hurricane at DSEI 2013. The Hurricane is a multi-sensor Electro-Optical (EO) system optimized for remote controlled weapon stations applications (RCWS), observation stations and unmanned turrets.

Opgal Signs New EVS Deal with Elbit Systems of America

Karmiel, Israel – July 3, 2013Opgal, a leader in thermal imaging technology, announced today that it signed a new contract with Elbit Systems of America, LLC, for the design and manufacturing of hundreds of advanced EVS (Enhanced Vision System) units. The newly designed systems will include Opgal's advanced thermal imaging and optics technology integrated into the Elbit Systems of America’s next generation EVS.

U.S. Security Professionals Choose Vumii Products for Long Distance Maritime Security Applications

Port of San Francisco, Lake Charles, Puget Sound, Chesapeake Bay and Port of Fourchon follow Baltimore Police Department’s lead as believers in Vumii’s long range night vision surveillance technology

ATLANTA, Georgia – June 27, 2013 – Port security professionals face a unique set of security and surveillance challenges due to the lack of lighting and difficulty in achieving situational awareness across large and vulnerable waterway environments. As a result, ports across the United States are seeking solutions that enable law enforcement officials and others who patrol these ports to detect, recognize, and identify security threats during the day or in complete darkness.

Gulfstream moves closer to EFVS upgrade for G280

Gulfstream has moved a step closer to rolling out the first major upgrade to the G280's cockpit, less than six months after the super-midsize jet entered service.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has published a draft copy of special conditions for installing in the G280 an enhanced flight vision system (EFVS), which displays forward-looking infrared (FLIR) imagery in a head-up display (HUD). The agency will receive comments on the proposed conditions until 29 June.

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