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Opgal Announces NDTherm™: Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Based on Thermal Imaging

NDTherm™ Enables Fast and Easy Parts Inspection and Identification of Internal Defects.

Opgal Demonstrates Field-Proven Solutions at Defense & Security Exhibition

Karmiel, Israel | November 2, 2015 — Opgal Optronic Industries will be showcasing its field-proven security and defense solutions at the Opgal booth at the Defense & Security Exhibition taking place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Opgal Shows Solutions for Armored Vehicles Upgrades at DSEI

London, United Kingdom – September 15 – Opgal will be showcasing its extensive range of solutions for armored vehicle retrofits at the DSEI exhibition in London taking place from September 15-18.  “Opgal provides integrators with thermal imaging solutions that can be incorporated into upgraded and refurbished vehicles,” said Amit Mattatia, President and CEO of Opgal. “Our battle-proven solutions provide optimum vision and improved situational awareness for today’s 24-hour all-weather battlefield environment.”

Elbit Systems of America's Enhanced Vision System Selected for the COMAC C919

MERRIMACK, New Hampshire, June 12, 2015 Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Shanghai Avionics Corporation (SAVIC) to provide the Kollsman Enhanced Vision System-Superior Performance (EVS-SP™) for the COMAC C919 aircraft. Elbit Systems of America, working with official sales representative, East Wonder, Inc. secured the contract with SAVIC which enables future operators of the C919 to select the EVS-SP through the aircraft manufacturer.

Opgal Expands Therm-App™ Product Family

New Therm-App™ TH presents a viable alternative to traditional thermography tools

Karmiel, Israel | June 8, 2015 — Following the outstanding success of Therm-App™, the industry’s first thermal imaging camera for Android phones, Opgal has announced two new models of Therm-App™.

Opgal Announces Next Generation EyeCGas Camera

EyeCGas FX optical gas imaging camera is designed for 24/7 monitoring of fugitive emissions in industrial plants and offshore platforms

EyeCGas FX optical gas imaging camera is designed for 24/7 monitoring of fugitive emissions in industrial plants and offshore platforms

Karmiel, Israel | June 1, 2015 — Building on the success of the handheld EyeCGas camera, Opgal Optronic Industries is launching EyeCGas FX, the next generation gas leak detection camera for installation in petrochemical, oil and gas plants as well as offshore platforms and rigs. The camera is being introduced at the World Gas Conference in Paris.

Therm-App™ Now Available Online for $939

Karmiel, Israel | May 17, 2015 — The Therm-App™ thermal imaging solution for Android devices is now available from Opgal online, at the special promotional price of $939.

Opgal Wins Thermal Systems for Border Security Projects

Accuracii XRU Long Range Multi-Sensor Camera Systems Provide Cost Effective Border Surveillance Karmiel, Israel| May 11, 2015 — Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. ,a leading global provider of innovative infrared imaging systems and advanced vision and surveillance solutions, has notched up several significant orders of Vumii’s Accuracii XRU uncooled multi-sensor camera systems in recent months, most of them in the realm of border security.

Opgal Demonstrates Combat-Proven Defense and Field-Proven Security Solutions at LAAD

Karmiel, Israel | April 14, 2015 — Opgal Optronic Industries will be showcasing its combat-proven defense solutions for tactical and ground applications as well as its field-proven security solutions at the Opgal booth at the LAAD exhibition in Brazil.

Vumii Shows Field-Proven Security Solutions at ISC West

Atlanta, Georgia| April 14, 2015 —Vumii Imaging will be showcasing its field-proven security solutions at the Vumii booth at the ISC West exhibition, taking place in Las Vegas, US.  Vumii’s broad line of camera systems for observation and assessment will be on show including handheld devices, small and heavy duty cameras and systems.

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