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Opgal Offers Its Therm-App™ Industry-First Thermal Android Device at Reduced Pricing

Karmiel, Israel | July 21, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. has announced new pricing for its revolutionary Therm-App™ thermal mobile device. The industry's first and only such device for Android phones is now available at a special promotional price of $999. As the promotion ends, the price will be set at $1,600 — making it the only mobile thermal imaging device offering high resolution night and bad-weather vision capabilities in this price range.

Opgal Developing New Line of Maritime Products

Innovative Product Line to Serve Broad Range of Commercial Maritime Applications  

Karmiel, Israel | July 7, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd., a leading global provider of thermal imaging solutions, has announced it will soon reveal its new line of commercial maritime products, featuring proprietary technology developed by the company. The new products will serve a wide variety of seagoing vessels, including high-end recreational craft, high-speed craft, harbor work craft, special purpose vessels, Coast Guard cutters and patrol vessels.

Vumii Expands Accuracii Multi Sensor Camera Line

Broad Line of Accuracii Thermal Surveillance Cameras to Serve Safety & Security Applications

 Atlanta, Georgia | June 11, 2014 — Vumii™ Imaging, Inc., a global developer and manufacturer of innovative high-quality thermal and near-infrared illumination cameras, has extended the Accuracii multi-sensor line of camera systems to serve any range, budget or application. "The broad product portfolio serves ranges from 100m to beyond 20km, enabling customers to select the camera that best fits their requirements," said Craig Beal, Product Manager, Vumii Imaging.

Opgal Demonstrates Combat-Proven Defense and Field-Proven Security Solutions at Eurosatory

Thermal-imaging solutions for deployment in the air, on land, and at sea

Karmiel, Israel | June 12, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries will be showcasing its combat-proven defense solutions for airborne, naval and ground applications as well as its field-proven security solutions at the Opgal booth at Eurosatory, Paris.

Opgal's Next Generation Camera Systems Featured at IFSEC

Versatile Line of Thermal Surveillance Cameras to Serve Safety & Security Applications on Land and at Sea.

Karmiel, Israel | June 12, 2014 — Following growing demand, Opgal Optronic Limited., a leading global provider of thermal imaging solutions, will showcase the next generation of Accuracii cameras designed to serve short-, medium- and long-range safety and security applications at the Opgal booth at IFSEC, London.

Opgal's Therm-App™ Device for Sale Online

Thermal imaging camera now available from Therm-App™ store

Karmiel, Israel | May 6, 2014 — Opgal's Therm-App™ mobile thermal imaging device is now available for sale to professionals worldwide. Due to unprecedented demand, Opgal has opened an online store to cater to users in the security, safety, construction, health and other industry sectors. Opgal was the first global manufacturer to launch thermal imaging for Android to its customers and is now the first to make it available to all users worldwide.

Opgal to Show Therm-App™ Mobile Thermal Imaging Camera at SPIE

Therm-App™ device now available for sale online

Karmiel, Israel | May 6, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries, developers of the Therm-App™ mobile thermal imaging camera, will be showcasing the innovative device during SPIE. Therm-App™ transforms Android smartphones into powerful thermal cameras, featuring long-range night vision and high-resolution thermography.

Opgal and Lumus present thermal camera capabilities combined with eyewear at SPIE

Mobile thermal imaging camera combined with wearable computing and personal display provides hands-free long-range night vision

Karmiel, Israel | May 5, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries, developers of the Therm-App™ mobile thermal imaging camera, and Lumus Ltd., developers of see-through wearable near-to-eye displays,  have joined forces to provide mobile long-range night-vision capabilities. The Therm-App™ mobile device, mounted on headgear, transmits the high-resolution images to the Lumus wearable display, providing the user with a large, high-quality image.

Opgal Launches Therm-App™, the World's First Android Thermal Imaging Camera

Therm-App™ transforms Android devices into powerful night vision and thermography cameras

Karmiel, Israel | March 24, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries, a leading global provider of thermal imaging solutions, has announced the launch of Therm-App™. Therm-App™ turns smartphones into powerful thermal cameras, featuring high-resolution thermography and long range, enhanced night vision capabilities for Android mobile devices.

Opgal Appoints Gastron as Distributor for the EyeCGas™Optical Gas Camera in Korea

Opgal's rugged handheld camera uses thermal imaging technology to quickly and effectively detect gas leaks and fugitive emissions

Karmiel, Israel | March 20, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries, a leading provider of innovative infrared imaging systems has appointed Gastron Co. Ltd., a safety equipment manufacturer specializing in gas detection systems, as its Korean distributor. "We are pleased that Gastron, with its in-depth knowledge of issues relating to gas detection, will be representing us in Korea," said Omer Yanai, VP Emerging Technologies & Business Development. "Gastron, together with Opgal, will be showing our innovative EyeCGas™ camera at Gastech 2012, taking place in Korea, from March 24-27."

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